Business relocation to UAE

Business relocation to UAE

Lately, we have been getting many questions and concerns about the relocation of IBCs into the RAK International Corporate Center. This process is also known as “re-domiciliation” which is the relocation and conveyance of one domicile from one place to another, by switching the country under whose legislations it is indexed and licensed, while keeping the same legal persona. Business across the world choose this re-domiciliation option for many different reasons.


Here are a few:

No 1: Business will be able to keep their current legal identity

No 2: Business can keep the goodwill of their banking activity

No 3: Businesses can keep their operational history

Now from a compliance point of view, UAE are:

  • Recognized by the OECD and FATF for economic development
  • UAE can serve as a great basis for business development through a professional system that is under the authority of RAK ICC representatives, fixed banking and steady AML counter actions.
  • UAE acts as great alternative solution to legal authorities that are categorized as “international or offshore centers” and are subject to extreme scrutiny globally
  • RAK ICC organization regulations and rules enable more freedom through the different types of business that may be involved: a)A limited share company b.) A company limited by guarantee and may be licensed or not to grant shares c) an allocated portfolio business  d)a company of limited purposes under the various categories of shares valid in these kinds of structures.

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