Are you an entrepreneur who is looking forward to establishing a business in the United Arab Emirates?  Then you are in the right place. Being a region with a high potential to reach more consumers, Dubai tops the list of most of the prospective entrepreneurs.

Dubai is one of the seven emirates of the UAE and is the commercial capital of the region. The Emirate has an unlimited opportunity for doing business which makes it the favorite place of all.

Why is Dubai so attractive to business people? There are several reasons for that. First, Dubai is located strategically in the middle of east and west. The city is well connected to the rest of the world through an excellent air and sea routes. Dubai International Airport is one of the busiest airports of the world as it is well-connected to all the major countries around the world. Businesses that are located in Dubai can easily reach over a billion people in the neighboring countries in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Africa and West Asia.

Secondly, the corporate tax in Dubai is meagre when compared to the rest of the world. The city has various free trade zones like DMCC free zone that attracts businesses from around the world.  In addition to all this, Dubai is very investor friendly. The cost of living in Dubai and obtaining a Dubai residence visa is low when compared to most of the developed countries. Thus with excellent infrastructure facility, state of the art technology and the best logistical connection in the world, Dubai attracts a diverse group of investors.

Of late it has been observed that the investment in service industries like tourism, finance, technology, media and real estate has gone up considerably. There are various other factors as well that makes Dubai such a favorite with entrepreneurs.

Dubai leadership is very strong, and they are trying their best to make the city investor friendly. With world-class facilities and progressive policies, they are trying to make Dubai the best business destination in the world.

When compared to the rest of the world, company formation in Dubai is comparatively easy. Various independent consultants can help you set up a business in Dubai without much hassle.

If you are planning to start a business in Dubai, there are various opportunities available across industries. Let us have a look at the top business opportunities in Dubai that can be started with minimal capital.


The advertising industry has shown a high potential for growth in the recent past. There are great opportunities for advertising professionals in Dubai. There are several avenues and business models for those who are planning to get into the advertising industry.  Brand development, 3D modeling, and animation, media buying, advertising campaign development, outdoor specialty advertising, etc. are few of the opportunities available in the field of advertising.



Dubai is the fashion capital of the Middle East and Fashion Apparel is gaining a lot of popularity in Dubai.   Being a world-famous shopping destination, millions of people visit Dubai every year for shopping. Thus, if you are a fashion enthusiast, then there is a high potential for you to connect with the global customers. Whatever the type of apparel you deal with; whether women’s clothing, men’s clothing or kids wear; there is a considerable demand for the same in Dubai. By focusing on trendy models like boutiques, designer wear, alteration service and costume rental you can even double your returns.


There is no shortage of businesses in Dubai; whether large or medium-sized. Thus, there is a high demand for professionals who have experience in bookkeeping. With a background in finance or accounting, you can take advantage of this opportunity and make good returns. The significant benefit of starting a bookkeeping business is that you need almost zero capital to start such a firm.


Another profitable business opportunity in Dubai is opening a consultancy firm. Whether you want to work as financial consultants, marketing consultants or business consultants in Dubai the opportunities are aplenty. The only requirement for starting a consultancy is extensive experience in the related field. Also, make sure that you have all the applicable licenses from the authorities before starting a consultancy business.


ECommerce is still in its nascent stage in Dubai. When compared to countries like the USA and UK, Dubai has a long way to grow in the e-commerce field. But still, the city does not lag behind in opportunities. The main reason could be that there is no shortage of shoppers in this region. By starting an e-commerce business, you can connect the shoppers with the local retailers thereby providing them with a more extensive choice.


One of the unique features that sets apart Dubai from the rest of the world is the presence of a large number of expats of different nationalities. People of a particular nationality prefer sending kids to a school that follows the curriculum of their homecountry. Thus, there is an excellent opportunity for anyone who is ready to set up a specialty school. You can even set up schools that provide specialized training for those in the field of hospitality, IT, and arts. Thus, the opportunities in the area of education are many. The only requirements you need are proper certification, license, and excellent infrastructure facility. You can even open a franchisee if you do not have the know-how to start a new educational institution.

Real Estate 

Today, real estate is a booming business in UAE. Being home to the tallest building in the world; the Burj Khalifa; and with various skyscrapers, malls, artificial islands, and many commercial and residential projects to its credit, Dubai is the right place to invest for those who are interested in the real estate market. Opportunities are available in various segments of real estate like real estate development, property management, and brokerage.

One reason for the lucrative development in the real estate market is the large number of visitors who visit the city each year. In addition to this, the city also has a large population of expatriates who need properties to rent or buy. To set up a real estate business in Dubai, you need to have the license from the right authorities.

Recruitment Agency 

There is a huge demand for skilled labor in Dubai. As the various industries continue to grow, the need for workforce also goes up.  Since business setup in Dubai is easy, a large number of businesses set up their base here every year. However, finding the right skill is one of the most significant challenges faced by these companies. Since the indigenous population makes up less than 1% of the workforce and people speak different languages, finding the right employee is a challenge for most businesses.

The country has a significant shortage of skilled professionals like doctors, engineers, accountants and IT professionals. This gap is usually filled by foreign workers who are either recruited directly from their home country or from the local market. Thus, the recruitment agencies play a significant role in providing the right human resource for companies. These companies help in connecting skilled job seekers from developing countries to the right companies in Dubai thus bridging the gap. Another major reason for the popularity of recruitment agencies is that they need minimum capital for setup, especially when set up as a freezone company in Dubai.


Dubai is comparatively a safer place when compared to the rest of the developed countries. But the businesses and people of Dubai are not ready to take chances. Thus, there is a growing demand for security personnel in the region. Apart from staff, they also require security gadgets like CCTV cameras and intercom system to protect their property and assets. Thus, setting up a private security firm is a lucrative business in Dubai. You can either supply the companies and residential building with security personnel or set up a business selling security systems and equipment.


Dubai is mainly a tourism-based economy. As the tourism sector grows, the demand for good transportation facility also increases. Thus, starting a transportation company is a profitable business in the region. The opportunities in this field can range from local taxi service to inter-city bus and taxi service.  Dubai is expected to attract a large number of tourists in 2020 when the city hosts the universal exposition. All this calls for a significant demand for transportation.

We firmly believe that you would have identified a profitable idea from the opportunities listed above. If you are setting up a company in Dubai freezone, it is even easier as you do not require the support of a local sponsor. There are many agencies that will assist you in setting up offshore companies in UAE. The only thing to keep in mind is the various rules and regulations governing the formation of companies. If you abide by the rules, then there is no need to look back.

Business setup in UAE, whether it is in Dubai or Any Other Free Zone, has never been so easy. Advicepro is here to help you in all matters related to setting up a business. To know more about our services, please call +971 4 244 1518 or mail to

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